Honey of Eucalyptus
MIELE DI EUCALIPTO, Eucalyptus honey, 500g

MIELE DI EUCALIPTO, Eucalyptus honey, 500g

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ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Antica Apicoltura Gallurese, Berchideddu, Sardinien
0.67 kg per piece
9,60 EUR
19,20 EUR per kg

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Typical Mirto, purple colour, full, fruity taste. 
Named after the Mistral wind, the most important and well-known wind, which can also bring rain and cold, thus promoting the development of the myrtle berries.

Mirto should be enjoyed as cold as possible, it is recommended to put the bottle in the ice chest. And if space permits, the glasses should also be put in the icebox! A culinary and visual highlight!
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Abamele is a traditional Sardinian honey specialty obtained by processing beeswax. Boiled with orange peel and honey, it has a honey-like consistency and is an important source of nutrition for children and people in convalescence.
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