COFFEE & more

COFFEE & more
Traditional coffee roasting since 1938

The history of Sardinian coffee producer starts in 1938, when Mr and Mrs Murgia opened their little corner shop in Cagliari. Today their company is the largest Espresso manufacturer in Sardinia.
Quality is La Tazza d′Oro′s credo and begins with the choice of high quality coffee blends from the world′s best farming areas.

La Tazza d′oro blends used the following varieties of Arabica coffee:

The Santos from Brazil, full-bodied, with a good acidity-balance;
The Antigua from Guatemala, truly unique for its aroma and sweetness;
The Costarica, Tournon, sweet, well-structured with a vanilla-flavor;
S.Domingo, Barahona, sweet and full-bodied with an aftertaste of citrus and bitter-cacao;
The Sidamo from Ethiopia, with an extraordinary fruity aroma which reminds floral essences and -tropical fruits.

The special Robusta coffees imported by La Tazza d′oro come mainly from India, Parchment and Kaapi Royal, and give full-body and cream to the blends.

CAFFE DECAFFEINATO, La Tazza d'Oro, ganze Bohne 1kg
Caffé Decaffeinato, La Tazza d′Oro, Macchiareddu, Sardinien
1 kg whole beans

Shipping weight: 1,1 kg
27,90 EUR
27,90 EUR per kg
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
GRAN CAFFE, Espresso Bar
60/40 blend, low sweetness content, spicy aroma, perfect crema.
25,90 EUR
25,90 EUR per kg
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
17 to 18 (from a total of 18)