Cantina Mesa

Located in the southwest of Sardinia, near the famous beaches of Porto Pino and Is Solinas, you will find the Mesa winery. Established in 2004, this winery prides itself on hand-harvesting and carefully selecting the grapes. The grapes are destemmed on the top floor of the winery and then allowed to ferment in vats on the floor below. The wine is then transferred to the deepest part of the cellar, where it matures in wooden barrels and concrete tanks, several meters underground. The same invisible energy that enriched the vineyard now jealously guards its precious fruits.

The round and sturdy bottles of Mesa are reminiscent of the traditional Sardinian costume. They represent the sacred figures of ancient Sardinia. The wide black wool shawl, known as "Mucadore," draped over the shoulders, embodies deep emotions. The black Indian canvas tunic, called "Fardetta," serves as an embracing embrace. These bottles, identical to one another, are the emblem of feminine mystery, maternal love, and pure goodness. The label designs draw inspiration from the ancient Sardinian tapestries, which are created through a silent and slow art, much like the aging process of wine. In Mesa, form and content merge seamlessly into a unified whole.
Bottle of Carignano Buio Buio Cantina Mesa
BUIO BUIO, Carignano del Sulcis, DOC, Riserva
Enthält: Sulfite
32,90 EUR
43,87 EUR per l
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