Bottle 0,7lt, White organic Myrtle Liquor
Mirto Bianco Biologico, Organic white myrtle liqueur, Silvio Carta, 0,7l

Mirto Bianco Biologico, Organic white myrtle liqueur, Silvio Carta, 0,7l

Product No.:
ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
alcohol per volume:
Silvio Carta S.R.L., 09070 Zeddiani (OR)
1.32 kg per piece
This product is not for sale for people under 18 years!
16,90 EUR
24,14 EUR per l

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terra dei venti
Typical Mirto, purple colour, full, fruity taste. 
Named after the Mistral wind, the most important and well-known wind, which can also bring rain and cold, thus promoting the development of the myrtle berries.

Mirto should be enjoyed as cold as possible, it is recommended to put the bottle in the ice chest. And if space permits, the glasses should also be put in the icebox! A culinary and visual highlight!
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FREGOLA Sarda tostata, small, Toasted Pasta, durum wheat semolina, 500g
Fregola Sarda Tostata, Slightly toasted Pasta of durum wheat semolina
Tanda + Spada, Sardinia
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Contains wheat
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Condiment oil with Myrtle
... with myrtleberries
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The bitter-sweet strawberry tree honey is produced in autumn. The bees depend on the flowers of the strawberry tree (corbezzolo) at this time of year because there are no other flowers. The result is this honey, bitter taste, good against cough but also supporting a good sleep. The honey crystallises immediately after extraction and is only sold in this state. The colour is light beige, the flavour aromatic and somewhat reminiscent of nuts. 
The honey is said to soothe coughs, helps to fall asleep and is also considered an aphrodisiac in Sardinia.

It goes wonderfully with cream cheese, ricotta and various desserts. Even Cicero is said to have tasted honey during his exile in Sardinia.


15,90 EUR
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