The Torbato grape variety was introduced to Sardinia during the Spanish rule. During the 300-year occupation by the Catalans, its cultivation developed, producing a wine that was even exported to the court of the Aragonese kings. Today, Torbato is exclusively cultivated in the Alghero region, where the calcareous clay soils and the warm, dry climate allow it to reach its full potential.

Torbato is generally produced as a single-varietal wine and also as a base for sparkling versions. Both the still version (with at least 85% Torbato) and the sparkling version are included in the DOC "Alghero." The resulting wine has a medium-intensity straw yellow color and an olfactory profile reminiscent of marine and mineral notes, but also fruity. The taste is persistent and, in the pure vinified version, has a pleasant bitter finish.

Torbato, Terre Bianche
Sella & Mosca, 07041 Alghero (SS)
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