This highly-regarded fine wine has been cultivated in Sardinia for a very
long time. Nowadays, cultivation is concentrated in the sunny, chalky
zones around the Cagliari coastal hinterland. Its dialect name, Nascu is
derived from Muscus, which means musk, aptly describing the
unmistakable perfume to be found particularly in matured examples.
Already known in Roman times, the species was to be found all over
the island until the middle of the last century, to such an extent that it
was judged as one of the most prestigious wines of Sardinia at the
Vienna Universal Exhibition of 1873.
Chiefly cultivated using the classic alberello latino system, Nasco is
currently enjoying a well-deserved revival, even though production is
limited, and appreciated by a small, discerning public. The colour is an
elegant, warm topaz, the texture is dense, the perfume is
extraordinarily intense and reminds us of honey, mature fruit, dates,
figs, candied orange, with a finish of sunny, musky, Mediterranean
scents. It is dense, sweet and like velvet to the palate.
DOC recognition since 1972.
White wine from Sardinia
Cantina Argiolas, 09040 Serdiana CA
13,90 EUR
18,53 EUR per l
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
Montesicci, Nasco di Cagliari
Cantina di Dolianova, 09041 Dolianova (SU) 
14,40 EUR
19,20 EUR per l
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Nasco - white Wine from Sardinia