Among Sardinia's white grape varieties, Nuragus remains the most cultivated to this day, albeit with a gradual trend towards reducing cultivation areas. This grape's presence is mainly concentrated in the provinces of Cagliari and Oristano, covering approximately 3,300 hectares. Its ancient origins place it among the oldest grape varieties, most likely introduced to the region by Phoenician sailors who founded the ancient city of Nora, whose ruins are still visible along the southwest coast of Cagliari.

The enduring popularity of this grape in past years can be attributed to its resilience, adaptability to various soil types, and notably, its productive generosity. From Nuragus grapes, a wine with moderate alcohol content is obtained, displaying a delicate straw-yellow color, occasionally with subtle greenish tinges. The bouquet carries floral notes, green apple, and delicate citrus hints. The taste is nuanced, accompanied by a pleasant acidity. The protected designation of origin "Nuragus di Cagliari" has been recognized since 1975.

DOC Nuragus di Cagliari:

  • Grape Variety: Nuragus min. 85%, max. 15% other recommended or authorized white grape varieties

  • Production Area: Territories of the province of Cagliari and Campidano di Oristano.

  • Yield: max. 160 quintals per hectare, max. 70% in wine

  • Type and Alcohol Content: Nuragus di Cagliari: minimum 10.50%, Nuragus di Cagliari "frizzante": minimum 10.50%

Nuragus white wine
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Perlas, Nuragus di Cagliari
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Nuragus - white-wine from Sardinia