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Sardinienprodukte is the specialist for all sardinian products. Here you find an assorted choice of excellent food, wines and spirits from Sardinia.

Our recommendations

two bottles of ichnusa ambra beer
Birrificio Ichnusa, 09032 Assemini
2,20 EUR
7,33 EUR per l
60/40 blend Caffe Cossu
60/40 blend, low sweetness content, spicy aroma, perfect crema.
25,90 EUR
25,90 EUR per kg
small loaf of sheep cheese
CAO Formaggi, 09170 Oristano
from 8,24 EUR
Gran Miscela Coffee, whole beans 1000g
70 % Arabica, 30% Robusta
Caffé Gran Miscela, 1 kg whole beans

23,90 EUR
23,90 EUR per kg
Eucalyptus honey
Sardinian Eucalyptus Honey from Sa Marigosa
10,90 EUR
21,80 EUR per kg
Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Riso Molas, 09037 San Gavino
3,90 EUR
15,60 EUR per kg
Bottle Turriga Magnum from Argiolas
Cantina Argiolas, 09040 Serdiana CA
79,90 EUR
106,53 EUR per l
Costera, Cannonau from Argiolas Winery
Cantina Argiolas, 09040 Serdiana CA


12,20 EUR
16,27 EUR per l
Fuili rosso IGP
Cantina Sociale Dorgali, 08022 Dorgali NU
23,90 EUR
31,87 EUR per l


Kent Annos Gold
Cantina del Mandrolisai, Sardinia, 0,75l
contains sulphites
RRP 27,90 EUR
Only 20,93 EUR
27,91 EUR per l
Cabiròl Santa Maria La Palma Alghero
Cantina Santa Maria La Palma, 07040 Alghero (SS)
RRP 9,80 EUR
Only 7,84 EUR
10,45 EUR per l

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New product

fig jam

Campus Conserve, 09010 Dezimoputzu

8,50 EUR
36,96 EUR per kg
Tuna Cream

Campus Conserve, 09010 Decimoputzu


8,90 EUR
46,84 EUR per kg

Campus Conserve, 09010 Decimoputzu


19,90 EUR
104,74 EUR per kg
Jar with dried tomatoes in sunflower oil
Sa Marigosa, 09070 Riola Sardo (OR)
6,90 EUR
27,60 EUR per kg