Tanca Gioia

Two decades ago, the idea for our winery emerged during a moonlit sail. Today, Cantina offers wines like Carignano, Vermentino, Nasco Aromatico, Moscato di Calasetta, and Bovaleddu. Our name "U-Tabarka" pays homage to our homeland's story - Tabarka, a Tunisian island, once a colony of Genoese fishermen who left in 1738 and settled on San Pietro Island.

Our focus centers on native grape varieties such as Carignano del Sulcis and Vermentino di Sardegna. With minimal human intervention, our wines mature under the Sardinian sun and the sea breeze, free from the influence of wood. Step into our exceptional world of wine.

A bottle of Desea - Carignano del Sulcis wine with an intense ruby red color, featuring a label that reflects the freshness and elegance of the wine.

Tanca Gioia, 09014 Carloforte

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Tanca Gioia, 09014 Carloforte