Cantina Giovanni Battista Columbu

Cantina Giovanni Battista Columbu
In the late 1950s, Giovanni Battista Columbu, a teacher from Barbagia, settled in the town of Bosa, where he met his wife Lina. The encounter with a relative of his wife, Salvatore Deriu, marked the beginning of the cult of Malvasia di Bosa. Numerous awards have since been bestowed upon the wine, including the recognition as the "best Malvasia in Italy." The Espresso Wine-Guide awarded it 20 out of 20 points. In 2004, the documentary film "Mondovino" was presented in Cannes, focusing on the wine and the figure of Giovanni Battista Columbu. Every year during harvest season, Malvasia enthusiasts make a pilgrimage to Bosa.
Malvasia, half litre
Cantina Giovanni Battista Columbu, 08013 Bosa
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Cantina G. Battista Columbu, 08013 Bosa (OR)