Cantina Mesa

Cantina MESA

Nestled near the renowned beaches of Porto Pino and Is Solinas in southwestern Sardinia, lies the Mesa Winery. Since its establishment in 2004, hand-harvested and meticulously selected grapes have been processed at the estate. The must ferments in vats below the surface, while the wine matures in wooden barrels and concrete tanks deep within the cellar, several meters underground. The unique energy of the vineyard carefully preserves the fruits.

Mesa's distinctive round and robust bottles draw inspiration from Sardinian attire, symbolizing the sacred figures of archaic Sardinia. The broad black woolen scarf "Mucadore" represents profound sentiment, and the black Indian garment "Fardetta" embodies an embracing hug. These bottles embody the secrets of femininity, maternal love, and pure goodness. The labels are inspired by ancient Sardinian tapestries, mirroring the wine's creation through a silent and gradual art, maturing with time. At Mesa, form and content meld into a harmonious unity.

Bottle of Carignano Buio Buio Cantina Mesa
Cantina Mesa Srl, 09010 Sant'Anna Arresi
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Cantina Mesa Srl, 09010 Sant'Anna Arresi (SU)