Cantina Mandrolisai

The wines of Sorgono - Where Nature and Climate Resonate in Every Grape

Located in Gennargentu, near the provincial capital Nuoro, lies the small village of Sorgono. In the Cantina del Mandrolisai, wonderful wines are crafted that reflect the power of the land and the diverse climate. Sorgono and its surroundings are part of the so-called "Zona Blu" or "Blue Zone," known for its residents achieving above-average longevity. The number of centenarians there is significantly higher than in most of Europe, likely influenced by the exceptionally fine wine produced.

Information about "Zona Blu" in Sardinia: In Sardinia, one of the world's "Blue Zones," people live significantly longer and healthier lives. This concept was developed by Dan Buettner to identify areas where life expectancy is remarkably high. The province of Nuoro in Sardinia was recognized as one such zone, with a notable number of centenarians. This led to the term "Blue Zone" being coined for such regions. Sardinia stands as an outstanding example of this approach, which aims to comprehend and promote long and healthy lives.

Kent Annos Gold
Cantina del Mandrolisai, Sardinia, 0,75l
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Cantina del Mandrolisai, 08038 Sorgono (NU)