Monica di Sardegna

DOC Monica di Sardegna is a red wine made with a minimum of 85% Monica grape and a maximum of 15% other Sardinian red wine grapes. This wine is produced throughout Sardinia and has an alcohol content of at least 11% vol. The Monica grape is one of the oldest grape varieties on the island and is believed to have been brought to Sardinia by the Camaldolese monks in the 11th century or introduced during Spanish rule. It is also known as Monica di Spagna in some areas. It thrives best on calcareous soils in hilly areas exposed to the sun. Monica wines have a fresh aroma of berries and cherries, red fruit jam, and are delicate and spicy, often with a hint of sweet almonds. In taste, the Monica wine is warm and pleasantly soft.
A bottle of Monica wine with an intense ruby red color and characteristic undertones waiting to be savored
Indulge in the intense ruby red and characteristic undertones of Monica wine, with a rounded and almost sweet taste that pairs perfectly with traditional pasta dishes, fish soups, tuna steaks, lamb meat, and feta cheese. Enjoy it slightly chilled at an optimal drinking temperature of 16°C to 18°C for the full aroma and taste experience
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A bottle of Monica di Sardegna wine from Italy standing on a gray background
Grape variety: Monica di Sardegna D.O.C. Red wine with ruby red color and purple hues. Typical and intense aroma of forest fruits and Mediterranean blooms. Taste is supple and savory with good tannins. Excellent pairing with salami, cheese, and pasta and rice dishes from the best Sardinian tradition. Alcohol content: 12% by vol. Serving temperature: 16°C.
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red wine from Sardinia
Monica wine from Sardinia, intense red color, fruity nose with notes of Marasca fruits and spices. Velvety taste with sweet tannins, perfectly balanced and long-lasting finish. Recommended with pasta dishes, fish soups, tuna steaks, lamb, Pecorino cheese and red meat. Serving temperature: 16-18°C. Contains sulfites.
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Monica di Sardegna - Le Bombarde
Cantina Santa Maria La Palma
13% alcohol per volume, contains Sulphites
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Arenada, Monica di Sardegna
Cantina dei Dolianova,0,75l
Year 2016
14% alcohol per volume, contains sulphites
Shipping weight: 0,9 kg
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13,87 EUR per l
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