This story starts with a “G” for Gioacchino, patriarch of the Sini family, born in 1881 with a deep and abiding love for the town of Berchidda in the province of Olbia Tempio, Sardinia, famous for its’ yearly jazz festival. It was Gioacchino who, along with his sons Pietrino and Pasqualino, decided to plant the first family vineyard in 1949. Neither more nor less than many other local families for whom the passion for vinification is etched in their DNA. All of the farmers in Berchidda worthy of the name cultivated a vineyard as well as working the fields. Few other areas in Sardinia have had such a strong calling to produce quality wines as that tiny town halfway between Mt. Acuto and the Gallura sea: Vermentino, for starters, but also marvelous red wines. Wine was produced for leisure and for personal consumption, never for business. The greatest satisfaction, for individual producers, was and remains comparing the bouquets and taste of their wine to that of their neighbours. A good natured competition that challenged each winemaker to always strive for their best.
Rosso smeraldo unmaredivino
Rosso Smeraldo, Colli del Limbara, Unmaredivino winery, Berchidda, Sardinia, 0,75l
contains Sulphites
22,90 EUR
30,53 EUR per l
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Un Mare Di Vino, 07022 Berchidda (SS)