Azienda Vitivinicola Sebastiano Ligios

Sebastiano Ligios, ValledoriaCantina Gallura Tempio Pausania
The roots of Cantina Ligios trace back to founders Bastiano and Carmela, originating from two farming families in Sardinia's Barbagia region. The tradition of vine cultivation has been preserved within the family across generations. In 2001, they embarked on cultivating vineyards and establishing initial facilities. Today, the Ligios estate covers 15 hectares, including vineyards and olive groves. A unique microclimate and proximity to the sea contribute to the quality of the wines. Sustainable agriculture and integrated pest management are integral to our philosophy.
Campamara Cabernet Sauvignon
Cantina Bastiano Ligios, 07039 La Muddizza (SS)
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Cantina Ligios, 07039 Valledoria (SS)