Here you will find liquers and spirits for the connoisseur. Whoever visited Sardinia and fancies the island knows: Mirto (or Myrtle-liqueur) and Grappa "Filu Ferru" belong to Sardinia. The people love Mirto, and many of them produce it themselves. We choose the best Mirti from selected distilleries. Grappa "Filu Ferru" can be found in almost every sardinian house and the natives tell willingly about the origin of the unusual name. The people of Sardinia produce spirits and liqueurs from a great variety of fruits and herbs. Therefore you will find - besides the well known Limoncello - liqueurs from Liquorice, Oranges, der sardinian strawflower, Chocolate or from the fruit of the Strawberrytree (Corbezzolo) finden. As juniper is growing in abundance on the lovely island there is also extraordinary Gin coming from Sardinia.


FIL'E FERRU, Bresca Dorada, 0,7L
Grappa, Bresca Dorada
22,90 EUR
32,71 EUR per l
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